Hala Feb T-Shirt

Kuwait National days t-shirts designed and printed by Inkservice using Direct to Garment printing. We help you celebrate national days by allowing you to pick the right theme for your event and then we introduce to you the way we think its best to show your brand in line with our T-shirt printing service.

We use DTG ( Direct to Garment ) printing to ensure the best representation to the purpose you’re printing for.

We now have DTG ( Direct to Garment) T-shirts printing in Kuwait 

Our 5 Step Process For Direct-To-Garment Printing


Shirts that are not white may require a pre-treat application to ensure colour opacity. First, the pretreatment creates a surface that the ink can print on and not be absorbed.


Requiring heat at both the start and end of the print process,  pressure is applied by inkservice expert for 36 seconds to press down the fuzzy fibres of the t-shirt material. The heat press is used to cure the pretreatment so ink can properly rest on top.


Like an ink-jet printer, the print head of our machine distributed the ink directly onto the item. Every bit of detail and colour in the design comes out beautiful and crisp thanks to a few passes of the heads.


Heat pressing is used at the offset to prepare the shirt for printing but heat & pressure are just as important after the printing.


For print clarity and definition, DTG is often the choice of painters and artists, delivering the best representation of their work to sell on t-shirts.


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